Design Your Own Beer (Can)

What do you do when you’ve pissed off your customer base? Well, help them get pissed. With your own beer.

During the 2013 Major League Soccer season, DC United won only three games all season, while losing a whopping 24 times and drawing seven games. It was a horrible year, and attendance fell throughout the season. And yet, at some point during the year came some good news: the team had developed its own beer, courtesy of the DC Brau Brewing Company. The fans offered up ideas to name the beer, and the players ultimately chose the winning name: “The Tradition.”

While “The Tradition” is a perfect fit for the team’s branding (the team has won the league four times, and won more trophies than any other team – a tradition of winning), it just got better.

The team is now letting fans choose the design  for the beer’s new can. Formerly only available at selected watering holes, the cans are coming out soon. Fans – customers – love a say in their favorite products. And after such a horrible year, this is a great way to rebuild goodwill among the customer base.

Oh, and those new player signings have been helping too.

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