Maybe You Don’t Need a New Website: Just “Optimize” It

Do you think you need to redesign your website from scratch? Maybe you need a website “refresh” rather than a brand new site. “Website optimization” is what we call it.

Sometimes a brand new website is warranted. At other times, what is needed is what we like to call “optimization” of your website. Optimization normally entails a regular stream of updates and improvements to a website. Rather than making a larger capital investment, you can make incremental improvements that make your website much more effective.

Technical Upgrades

There are normally a few things you can do to improve the technical aspects of your website. Upgrades may include:

  • migrating to an improved web hosting platform that provides secure HTTPS connections with an SSL/TLS certificate, as well as regular backups and staging capabilty
  • Upgrading of core software, including themes and plugins
  • Removal of unneeded plugins
  • Improvement of the UX (user experience) of a website
  • Revision of the website to improve SEO and “conversion optimization” – the ability to get visitors to take valuable actions on your site

Content Improvements

Oftentimes, the content of a website needs a refresh. These updates don’t need to happen all at once. The following types of pages can either be rewritten, added to, or created:

  • Services or topical pages
  • Bios and personnel profiles
  • Projects or case studies
  • Homepages can be improved with more strategic messages, more timely messaging, or more links to other pages on the site

Improve the Structure of Your Site and Win at SEO

Your ability to rank higher in online search results is based on many factors. In general, when Google or other search engines find a concentration of high-quality content on a website, that website’s content will rank higher in search results.

Another improvement can be the development of landing pages that concentrate a collection of related information – including linking to related blogs, case studies, and bios. We have helped “optimized” websites improve their rankings through this process.

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