Website Care Plans

We change the oil in our cars to keep them running smoothly. Websites are no different. Like it or not, the software code inside your website and the code outside your website (aka, the internet) is constantly changing, so websites need to be maintained so they function as planned.

Website care plans are an important part of having a proactive approach to digital marketing.

Benefits of Website Care Plans

As the primary engine that fuels your digital marketing and communication, a website needs to perform well. Website care and maintenance plans:

  • Keep your website functioning smoothly
  • Reduce the chance that you will wake up to nasty surprises when website functionality stops working
  • Help keep website hackers out, since outdated code is an invitation to hacks
  • Are an important part of taking a proactive approach to all your digital marketing activity

Website Maintenance: Avoid Bad Surprises

A lot goes on behind the scenes when it comes to websites. We make sure that your website is performing the way it should. Our care plans include:

  • Updating the open-source WordPress code that is the foundation of every WordPress website. Normally, “core WordPress” updates lead plugin developers to update their own software.
  • Updating plugins that deliver additional functionality to your website, such as contact forms, graphics resources, web development options, caching, and more. Our care plans keep plugins up to date and flag plugin conflicts early on.
  • Updating PHP versions. PHP is the underlying programming language of WordPress sites. PHP versions need to be updated to keep sites functioning properly and maintain security.
  • Updating theme software. Theme software is the underlying “template” of a website and regularly undergoes updates.
  • Monitoring your web hosting account, including backups and SSL/TSL certificates that enable your site to be on a secure HTTPS connection.

Let us help you with …

Website Maintenance & Care

Keep your website in shape: code updates and improved security.

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