Take Control of Your Tech: Web Hosting, Website, and More

At Open Road Digital, we believe you should be in control of your tech. From domain names to web hosting to website software, clients should have full access and control – not web developers or consultants. We help you get control of your digital assets.

We’ve seen situations like this over and over:

  • Organizations that don’t control their own domain name accounts
  • Firms that don’t have access to the web hosting account that controls their website
  • Unknown passwords
  • Website theme software and plugins that are neglected, out-of-date, or controlled through a cloud-based subscription that other developers own

Here are some analogies for you to ponder:

  • What if someone else had the key to your house, and you didn’t?
  • What if, when you asked for the key to your own house, they made you a copy and handed it to you (while still holding the master)?
  • What if the product ownership, warranties, and so forth of the appliances in your house belonged to someone else?

That’s what we see with websites over and over again.

Our approach is: you own everything, but grant access to us. Sure, you could walk away from us any time. But we believe that Trust is the most important part of a relationship, even a business relationship. So we’d rather have your trust rather than control your tech assets.

Taking charge of these assets is a crucial step to understanding and using the technologies that can help firms and organizations succeed in building a better website, improving how their website ranks in search engine results, and in digital and content marketing.

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