Government Affairs Firms & Advocacy Groups

Government affairs firms, trade groups, associations, and advocacy organizations are coming to realize that they cannot achieve their goals without strong digital communications and messaging. Your message is as good as lost without a strong digital foundation and plan of action.

If your voice and your message is important, then it belongs in the digital realm – in Google search results, in digital forums, and on social media. We help advocacy groups upgrade their outreach so that their message resonates in the digital ecosystem.

In fact, advocacy can no longer be accomplished without best-in-class digital marketing and communications. Creating and implementing effective digital outreach, communications, and engagement means something more than it did just a few years ago.

Upgrade Your Digital Communications

Are your digital assets – website, social media, email campaigns, and search engine marketing – serving your needs? You can start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Are your organization and your messaging ranking in Google search results the way they should?
  • Is your website still on an insecure HTTP connection, and thus downgraded by Google?
  • Are your stakeholders getting your message through all channels available, including search engine marketing, social media, email campaigns?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly and is its code base regularly updated, just like the oil in your car?
  • Are you driving your messaging through all content options available, including blog posts, position papers, research reports, infographics, videos, and online stakeholder discussions?
  • Are you still publishing important content in PDF format, making your content inaccessible to mobile smartphone users?

High-Performance Digital Outreach: Equal Parts Art and Science

We see it all the time: experts in their field don’t have the time to understand how digital assets and technologies can help them in their mission. In just a few years, digital best practices change and your message is diminished.

Advocacy groups and industries that are supported with major investment have been coming to a realization: savvy social media campaigns by small opposition groups can drown out thoughtful, well-funded messages that have taken years to build. These days, to get your message across effectively, every aspect of digital outreach needs to be tended to.

We help organizations compose messaging with keywords that resonate in online searches and on social media. We optimize websites so that existing content is ranked highly by search engines such as Google and Bing. We create content in a wide range of formats to appeal to all relevant stakeholders. And we make sure that the digital foundation of these efforts is strong, with top-notch web hosting, faster websites, SEO-focused website content, and savvy social media outreach.

Contact us to see how our digital and social media expertise can combine with your existing efforts to build strong advocacy campaigns.

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