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In a digital world, your expertise, experience, authority, and point of view are experienced by others as “content.” Effective content in the digital age needs to be “constructed” so that it is easily found and consumed online and helps the right people find you, whether via social media, messaging, or online searches.

We help our clients develop content that supports their goals and builds a competitive advantage.

The Benefits of High-Quality Digital Content

Content – both textual and visual – is the fuel of digital marketing. Without it, you really can’t achieve anything. High-quality content:

Content Creation Services

Writing, designing, and publishing content is both an art and science. Our team works hard to understand the issues that define your professional world. In an online environment where attention spans are short, we aim to simplify messages to get your core message across. Our goal is for you to get the right message across so that more people will recognize it.

We help our clients create content in many forms, including:

  • blog articles
  • infographics
  • graphic design including PowerPoint presentations and supporting graphic images
  • case studies
  • website and social media bios and profiles
  • videos
  • website landing pages
  • white papers
  • social media messaging

While we are experienced at writing and publishing well-researched articles and white papers, we also believe that visuals are very important to gaining a foothold in the digital marketplace. For example, a well-written article can find more readers if it is supported by visuals, including images and videos.

Metadata: The Important “Hidden” Content on the Internet

Images and graphics on a website need to be supported by metadata – the text descriptions called “alt text attributes” that allow Google and other search engines to know what an image is. Social media metadata helps make your content more visible and attractive on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Similarly, text content that is attached to videos published on YouTube often provides a competitive advantage, helping audiences find your content instead of competitors’ content.

Effective Content Is Structured Content

Content that is well structured on your website improves search engine optimization. Content that is successfully structured includes images that are defined with alt text metadata so that search engines understand what is in the image; web pages that are linked to similar pages; web pages that are built with appropriate introductory paragraphs, headings, and linked text; and content titles and descriptions that are consumed not only by search engines but human beings.

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