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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a series of digital actions you can take so that prospective clients and target audiences are more likely to find your content when they do an online search. SEO is one part “science” and another part “art.”

The skill set required to succeed in SEO requires a marketer’s mindset, web design and development expertise, and the ability to create content that helps your audience solve problems.

The Benefits of SEO

How do you know whether your SEO efforts are having an effect? SEO efforts work when prospective clients and customers reach out to you because they found you in an online search. In these cases, target audiences find your content because search engines such as Google determine your content to be authoritative. It’s that simple.

When SEO efforts start to have an effect, it is a virtuous cycle. One topic area of content on your website can end up helping other content rank higher.

Managed properly, with smart website development and design, higher search rankings should ultimately lead to higher “conversions” on your website – in other words, actions that site visitors take, such as signing up for newsletter updates, sharing your content, or contacting you.

SEO Services

SEO is not a one-time project. It is a series of best practices that should be implemented on your website and in the way you publish content. Put another way, it is a way of life that, over time, brings results.

Depending on your situation, we implement a range of SEO services to help your website content rank higher. This includes:

  • Rewriting and restructuring text content on your web pages to emphasize keywords or keyphrases that are important for your business. This is not the old, snake-oil process of “keyword stuffing” on a web page, but actually structuring content so that Google recognizes its value and authority.
  • Improving the “technical SEO” of your website, which includes aspects such as hosting websites on a secure HTTPS connection, taking actions to speed up a website, making sure your website is crawled by search engines, avoiding duplicate content, and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Delivering SEO analytics reports to help inform future decisions.
  • Structuring important content on your website into “SEO topic clusters.” For example, a core landing page about a certain topic should contain links to related content, all emanating from that one core page.
  • Improving on-page content, including page titles, above-the-fold content, and cross links to other pages.

Let us help you with …

Marketing & Influence Campaigns

Create and share content that has an impact on target audiences.

Website Content Launch

Create or revamp your website’s foundational messaging.

Website Audit & Action Plan

Content, UX, SEO: Our audit highlights how to improve your website.

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