Website Audit & Action Plan

Content, UX, SEO: Our audit highlights how to improve your website.

If you are dissatisfied with your website, you’re not alone. Many are. Even if your website was great a few years ago, the world changes around you. If your website has stood still, then it’s probably not performing the way it should. 

Our website audit delivers an assessment of your site’s current state with a path forward on how to improve it, including: 

  • SEO: we assess how your site could gain more views and clicks in online searches, including metadata, page titles, link quality, indexing status, and more
  • Content: does your foundational content “speak” to your intended audience, including Google? 
  • Images: including logos, favicon, image size, metadata (which is crucial to connecting your website content to online search results and social media) 
  • Technical: page (URL) structure, site speed, mobile responsiveness
  • User Experience (UX): does the design and content of your site provide an environment that helps audiences find relevant information and encourage them to connect with you?

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