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Digital marketing is a missed opportunity for many firms, brands, and people. We help you cut through the digital clutter and confusion to develop and distribute your marketing messages in an organized, intentional manner and obtain the results you seek.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

Since so few brands and people commit to digital marketing in a disciplined, thoughtful manner, we believe there is a competitive advantage waiting for those who want to kick the tires and try to do it right.

As part of the classic tactical marketing mix of the Four Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion), digital marketing offers many benefits, including:

  • Improved “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness” in online channels, which are three of the factors or guidelines Google uses to determine the highest quality content in search rankings.
  • Methods to interact with peers, clients, and target audiences in ways that meet your goals.
  • The opportunity to “prove” your authority and expertise well before your intended audience decides to reach out to you directly.
  • Mechanisms to encourage your target audiences to take actions that fit with your overall strategy.

Digital Marketing Services

“Digital marketing” can be defined in many ways. We think of it as part of the tactical marketing mix of the Four Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) that helps firms define and market their services.

Digital marketing is fueled by high-quality content, housed on thoughtfully built websites, channeled through social media and messaging platforms, and discovered on search engines.

We help you create a plan and process for putting your digital marketing into action, with the following principles in mind.

Your Website as a Foundation

Your website should serve as both the foundation and “engine” for your digital marketing – a place where the key content that showcases your authority and expertise resides.

Social Media, Not Broadcast Media

Before the Internet, distribution channels such as tv, radio, and publications were scarce which allowed those who shared “content” to be in a “broadcast” mindset – few broadcasters, many listeners. Today, with an unlimited number of distribution channels (websites, social media, podcasts, and so forth), people who think that they will “broadcast” their message to millions become disappointed when they realize that so few actually pay attention to them. A key to succeeding in this new environment is to approach online channels as true “social” channels where you build digital relationships with key people – relationships that often start as digital-only but endure and provide long-term value.

Focus on “Conversion” and Dialogue

Digital and social media marketing should focus on incentivizing and encouraging others to take actions. We coach you how to use social media channels to encourage dialogue with your intended audiences, and we build digital content to influence audiences to take actions, whether that is signing up for your email newsletter, contacting you via a form, following or connecting with you on social media, or reaching out to you for 1:1 dialogue.

Raise Your Visibility and Influence

While publishing and sharing content is an elemental method of raising your visibility and influence before intended audiences, there are simpler methods to improve your authority in digital channels. We guide our clients to help them make use of the “micro” activities they can use to improve their position on social media platforms. Our “listen first” focus helps you build and strengthen professional relationships that go beyond the superficial nature of much of social media.

LinkedIn Training for Individuals and Teams

It pays to make the most of LinkedIn, the social network for business. We guide you through personalized training including tuning up your personal profile; connecting with a meaningful network; engaging with peers, prospective clients, clients, colleagues, and friends; sharing and publishing quality content; and integrating your online efforts into “in real life” activities. Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your team’s use of this network tool.

Let us help you with …

Marketing & Influence Campaigns

Create and share content that has an impact on target audiences.

LinkedIn Training & Onramp

Raise your team’s LinkedIn game with hands-on, “how to” training.

Digital Roadmap Workshop

Get aligned around your digital project with clear objectives to guide you.

LinkedIn Audit & Action Plan

We assess your profiles and recommend steps to get real value from LinkedIn.

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