Website Development & Design

A website should be the engine that fuels your digital marketing and communications. It is the cornerstone of any digital strategy – a key “place” where your reputation, authority, and message gets organized and noticed.

Benefits of Website Development

Is your website a mere static online brochure for your firm? Online “brochures” have some value. However, websites deliver more value when they are developed and designed to be an engine that fuels your marketing and communications. A website that is developed with care becomes a tool that is a joy to use.

Well-developed websites are:

  • Easy to update with new content that improves your search rankings
  • Crafted with streamlined code that doesn’t easily go bad on you
  • Customized with content “templates” that allow you to continually update your site
  • Digital experiences that encourage site visitors to take further action

Website Design and Development Services

We develop and design websites to help you grow your business and successfully express your mission. What is the difference between “design” and “development”?

  • Web design is the creation of the visual components of your site, from brand colors and visuals to typography, graphic elements, and layout.
  • Web development is the digital conceptualization and construction of a website. Most WordPress websites come with built-in “pages” and “blog posts.” We construct aspects of your site that are unique to your mission. For example, we can create case studies, services, and team member bios that are easy for you to create and update. Website development puts your strategy into action.

We believe that successful websites are designed and constructed with certain features and standards. These include:

  • Custom post types – pages that are uniquely customized to meet your strategic website objectives
  • Optimized graphics that are sized correctly (not too large, not too small) so that a website delivers a fast experience with high-quality imagery
  • SEO features that help your website get discovered online, including search engine metadata, social media metadata, alt text attributes that describe the contents of images
  • Landing pages that serve as “SEO topic clusters” – concentrations of related content that tell site visitors and Google that your website has authority in its topic area
  • Rich keywords and keyphrases that are copyedited to conform to SEO best practices
  • Modern, up-to-date software that is “sustainable” and will not go out of date

Not everyone needs a brand new website. When possible, we encourage firms to improve and optimized the website that they currently have by making adjustments so that the website performs better. Sometimes this approach works in the long term. In other cases, optimizing your website gives organizations a better understanding of the kind of website they need when they decide to do a complete rebuild.

Let us help you with …

Website Maintenance & Care

Keep your website in shape: code updates and improved security.

Website Design & Development

Turn your website into a marketing engine that serves your mission.

Website Content Launch

Create or revamp your website’s foundational messaging.

Website Audit & Action Plan

Content, UX, SEO: Our audit highlights how to improve your website.

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