Don’t Fear Your Website: Build It Like a Bunch of Fun Legos

I see too many people and organizations who are afraid of their websites, and it’s a shame.

Maybe not “afraid” afraid, but there is an avoidance of the website, a confusion, a “I don’t know what to do with this so I won’t do anything – I won’t even think about it.” Perhaps avoidance and fear are linked.

???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????. They should want to toy with it: engage, create, publish, and win with the content on their websites. And it just doesn’t happen enough.

What is the solution?

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I’ve felt for a while that if websites were like a massive pile of friendly Legos, the world would be a better place. Imagine a communal table in the middle of an office, with a pile of Legos on top. And people can come together, by themselves, or in small groups, and just start playing. Creating and building. Thinking up new things. No fear: just possibilities.

A website that is developed with the users in mind is a website that is used.

???? You build on top of what is already there.

???? You create something brand new, that no one has created before.

???? You realize you can link some parts together, to make it all work better.

???? And, you can tear down the stuff you don’t like, or that isn’t working for you, so that something else works better.

The brick constructions on the table that aren’t working for you? They are a sunk cost (“costs which have already been incurred and which are unrecoverable.”). Don’t think that you can’t break them down and start over. (Sunk Cost Fallacy = “a psychological barrier that ties people to unsuccessful endeavors simply because they’ve committed resources to it.”)

If your website is like a beautiful collection of communal Legos, you’ll start getting real value out of it.

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