New Branding and Website for Envizium Technology Consulting

Envizium, a tech consulting firm specializing in enterprise IT systems, needed a new website to express its unique approach to developing and managing large-scale IT systems.

It is such a pleasure to help people and companies express their unique identity and approach to business. A crucial part of the Envizium project was developing and expressing Envizium’s unique brand, including refining the logo and associated brand imagery, creating three book covers, and creating a “Simple is Better” vibe. For Envizium, this meant:

  • Stressing the value of Simplicity when trying to solve large-scale IT challenges
  • Expressing a jargon-free personality that is one part Philosopher, one part geek, and another part playful (can you say, “Aristotle Gaga”? – as in, Lady Gaga’s sunglasses on Aristotle’s bust)

The ideas that will be expressed in the blog should help build the “SEO presence” for Envizium’s planned book launches. I look forward to seeing Envizium thrive!

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