Camille Galdes

Content Director

I am a seasoned researcher and writer who has a passion for social science and understanding the world around me. After studying anthropology and geography, I analyzed and wrote white papers for DC think tanks about a variety of policy topics: immigration, housing, commercial real estate, and transportation.

I love the challenge of bringing together hard and soft information. Hard data can only tell us so much; it often begs for context. Soft data is usually not comprehensive enough to be reliable. I sort through this messy landscape, find the story, and tell it in a way that anyone can understand. I’m so committed to accurate communication that I have also put in many years as a freelance editor, editing full-length manuscripts, PhD theses, academic articles and more, for clarity and readability.

At Open Road Digital, I develop original content that translates our clients’ real-world experience to the digital world. I make sure that when our clients are encountered in digital space, their mission, their impacts, and their personalities are not just correctly understood, but also genuinely felt. When our clients’ authentic selves are successfully communicated across the screen, their reach and influence only grows.

Education and Stuff

B.A. Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis

M.A., Geography, George Washington University

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