Nicholas Kosar

Founder & CEO

nicholas nick kosar - founder open road digital agency

Nick Kosar is the Founder & CEO of Open Road Digital and takes great satisfaction in helping businesses not only make sense of “all things digital” but to use digital technologies to produce positive, strategic results.

He loves his clients’ “a ha” moments – when veteran professionals begin to understand how they can literally create a new digital reality for themselves and their firms.

Nick began his career in the publishing field as the editor of Far East Traveler magazine in Tokyo. Over a 13-year period, he ran editorial, production, and design operations in magazine, book, and digital publishing environments in Japan and the United States.

He then spent 13 years at two AmLaw 100 international law firms, running marketing and business development programs across the US and in Europe. In this work, he was involved in what he calls the “full product lifecycle” of law and policy, from lobbying, advocacy, and legislative-related activity to the regulatory, policy, and litigation stages of legal marketing. In this time, he was instrumental in helping law firms win six national digital marketing awards.

He remembers the pre- and early Internet years when business activity existed without social media and websites. While those days may seem like a simpler time, he also fondly recalls coding his father’s pre-Internet computer to play games and create graphics and learning about “something called HTML” during lunch-n-learns taught by software programmers in the early 90s, when the World Wide Web was just getting started. Having straddled both the pre-Internet and digital business worlds, he enjoys helping people understand digital technology and integrate it into their marketing and advocacy activities in meaningful ways.

Nick and his wife have four daughters, each born in different places in Japan, New England, and the mid-Atlantic. He loves to travel: he and his wife have managed to bring their daughters to Asia and Europe numerous times, as well as accomplishing an epic 45-day road-trip-by-minivan in the United States across 22 states and 10,500 miles. Outrunning a super-cell storm (scary!) in South Dakota was one of many highlights.

Amidst the challenges, he believes that taking the Open Road always brings delight and new opportunities, if only you get started.

Education and Stuff

Master of Business Administration, College of William & Mary

B.A., Russian Studies, University of Virginia

Certificate in Legislative Studies, Government Affairs Institute, Georgetown University

Coursework in Digital Product Design, Software Programming, and Development, General Assembly, Etc.

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