Sophia (Jannica) Porcu

Art Director

I’m a visual communication designer. I take what you want to say and say it through images, colors, fonts, and textures.

I’m positive, flexible, and solution-oriented. I’m ready to learn your needs and work with you to meet them.

I’m function-first, because excellent design doesn’t just look nice. It tells you a story. It inspires change.

I think and breathe in the Adobe CC Suite, and I have been since Photoshop 7 (released in 2002), but I also work in Google and Office when things need to be editable for you. I’m a huge fan of spreadsheets too — they’re magical if you’re not afraid of functions.

Let’s do something amazing together!

Education and Stuff

Art Institute of California, Orange County, Video Game Art & Design

Azusa Pacific University, Fine and Studio Arts

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